Romance Fail by desi girl

By | January 11, 2017
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I could go on for hours with hundreds of reasons why relationships fail regardless of their length and status but I believe there are some critical ones that are directly or indirectly responsible for the failure of relationship.The following are in no special order and there are always degrees relative to these issues. It’s never an – all or nothing – when it comes to traits, attitudes, behaviors or mindsets.Keep in mind that many of these issues happen because people lack the maturity, patience, compassion or the skills or courage to be willing to grow together, learn together or just let go of their prejudices or clean out their emotional filters that are always filled with a variety of old baggage issues and emotional wounds. Watch video in link below

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Keep in mind that all relationships are either getting better or worse, they are dynamic and ever changing. Nothing ever stays the same as each person grows independently of their partner and the relationship in general undergoes a variety of changes due to many factors. So here are the fifteen.One – They lose the romance and intimacy. Romance and continued intimacy is not about the quality or frequency of sex. It is purely keeping the mystery, fun, closeness and emotional connection. When the romance fades so does the closeness, laughter and togetherness. When I refer to romance I am speaking only about the creative ways each of you bring excitement, surprise, uniqueness and adventure and yes – love into the relationship.