By | January 11, 2017
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All the Asian relational unions have certain pre wedding ceremonies that should be taken after. The absolute most essential services that are directed before the marriage day are: engagement function (sagaai), melodic night (sangeet) and henna party (mehendi). Everyone takes part in these merriments and the event is praised in the midst of much pomp. Watch video in link below

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While in the Christian weddings the gathering sits tight for the landing of the lady of the hour, in the Asian weddings the prep’s entry is anticipated at the place of the lady of the hour. After the inviting of the prepare there is a trade of wreaths (jaimala) between the prep and the lady of the hour. After this, among the Hindus the lady of the hour and the prep take seven adjusts around the blessed fire, the Sikhs take 4 rounds of the sacred book and among the Muslims the marriage is solemnized by shared assent. Among the post wedding ceremonies is the Vidaai wherein the lady of the hour disappears of her parental home. This is trailed by the inviting of the lady of the hour into her new family unit in the midst of much delight and cheer.