Larki na sbka samna kapda utar dia

By | January 5, 2017
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This child is controlled by a Vortec 6000 V8 motor with 325hp and 4-speed programmed transmission. A variable throttle control with 2 unique movements takes into account an exact control over rough and go 4×4 romping territory. The H2 SUT additionally includes a power glass window at the back of the lodge which can be collapsed down alongside the second line seats to take into consideration a bigger load territory. This practically implies you can stack nearly anything on the pickup truck. This model additionally offers a 4 channel non-freezing stopping mechanism that helps the driver convey the vehicle to a controlled stop. Its perfect outline permits the driver to sit easily behind the controlling wheel without stressing over the SUT from nosing descending while braking hard. Watch video in link below

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To finish everything off, the insides of this kind of model without a doubt puts any vehicle to disgrace. Full calfskin inside with electrically customizable seats make for an agreeable and pleasant ride over a landscape. Bose speakers with partitioned sound hotspots for the second line travelers add to the magnificence of this model. The H2 SUT is really the ruler of all Hummers out and about today however General Motors has declared that a Pickup model may soon be available so keep an eye for what might be the best Hummer yet .