Larki K Sath Ziadti Boyfriend Ny Larki ko Dhoka Dia

By | January 8, 2017
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What begins as an outing ends up being an unfortunate existence of running out as outlaws. Both ladies perpetrate violations along their way which makes them crooks looked for after by the state. Louise, who was a previous casualty of assault, shoots a man who attempted to assault Thelma and promptly they are connected to the murder. Louise in this way can’t do a reversal home and continues running while her companion Thelma is not prepared to walk out on her. At the point when the two companions get to be distinctly bankrupt, Thelma recalls to have taken in a line from JD and she storms into a service station and burglarizes it dashing off with obscure measure of cash. Before they choose to appallingly end their life by running their auto over a ravine, the two young ladies perpetrate various violations which places them in the rundown of needed wrongdoings. This film can be utilized to break down the relationship amongst individuals and the administration.  Watch video

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The most stunning sanction in this motion picture is Louise. Louise demonstrates the force of a lady who is tired of life and control by men and the administration and wishes to make a move to have another life. Louise is a straightforward lady, a server in a supper style eatery. Louis turns out as a free and unshakable lady. She is a lady with a dubious past after she endured assault and she has a terrible association with men. She seems preposterous and hot tempered. When she is incited by a man who needed to assault Thelma, she doesn’t waver to pull the trigger leaving the sexual attacker dead. Instantly she realizes that she is needed by the administration, she is on the run she can’t retreat home in spite of the way that even police criminologists comprehend that she couldn’t have submitted the murder on will. She doest not believe the legislature even subsequent to getting affirmation that she won’t be charged for murder however she is required for addressing reason.