indian Hacker Leaked Meher Bukhari’s Personal

By | January 10, 2017
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Women are here from the time of evolution. God has created both the man and women at the same time. Both man and women depend upon each other for the evolution of life. The circle of evolution will stop, if one of them disappears. However the state the women are not more than an inferior sex. The most of the world is in the control of man. This is true to the whole world, even for the developed countries like America and UK. Even there also women are treated for misbehavior. If this is the state of women in developed countries then, what we can accept from the countries like India, Pakistan. Watch video in link below

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Women have seen improvement in their standard of life. But still many things are required to done. In education women have achieved much success. Their numbers in schools and colleges are either equal or more than men. This is an encouraging sign. However the major concern is the number of women occupying various top positions in jobs. The numbers of women at the top position are very less. There are only 17 women executive directors in 100 largest FTSE companies. Only less than one seventh of members of EU parliament are women. Researchers believe that the women representation in corporate leader has remained stagnant for years.