By | January 9, 2017
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Lingerie style changes just as fashion changes. So, each year there are some major trends in what to wear under the clothes. 2008 trends include several models. The baby doll is still in style for  and the corsets are very hot. The key word for 2008’s lingerie is romance and imagination. Nothing is out of fashion this year as long as it is in the right combination. Remember that what you wear underneath the clothes is also important, maybe even more important that the clothes per se. the sculptured underwear is also a powerful come back. Watch video in link below

Video link:

These items are actually sculpted after the female anatomy, so don’t miss a lingerie sculpture, because it is a real piece of art in . Panty hoses are in, and these may be of the daftest colors. The more colorful the panty hoses the better. For panties: G strings are not really stylish anymore, so other styles are appreciated: think bikinis, or why not even boy shorts- which may be really sexy if the cut is more daring.