Bichare shareef larki ky sath keya ho raha hy

By | January 8, 2017
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Time has come when we ought to take in a lesson from Dussehra on which date we smolder the affigy of Ravana and on that date we additionally disperse desserts and commend the day on which Ravana had been killed by Rama and Seeta the spouse of Rama had been liberated from his jail. We have been educated through our mythology that Ravana had snatched Seeta and had been keeping her in his jail and had been convincing her to wed him and he couldn’t succeed and meanwhile Hanooman found Seeta and Rama alongwith his armed force attacked Lanka and in this war Ravana had been murdered and Seeta had been liberated and Rama in the wake of finishing 14 years of outcast achieved Ayudhya and on that date we observe Divali.  Watch video in link below

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Time has come when the general population of India, particularly the Hindus must take in a lesson from this festival. They should take note of that they might not carry out violations against ladies. There should be no instance of kidnapping, there might be no attack, there should be no assault, no infidelity, there might be no situation where ladies are snatched and afterward sold to whores, moving young ladies, call young ladies and so forth. We might see that ladies is regarded and ladies are not murdered before their introduction to the world and we should see that ladies are not hard to find, but rather every man should get a lady as his significant other with the goal that he may not enjoy assault, in infidelity and so forth. We should see that no man is going by whores, moving young ladies, call young ladies and there might be no instance of assault where even elderly individuals and firmly related individuals are submitting assault and afterward executing young ladies to spare themselves from the police and the courts.